Sunset Tours offers multi-day motor coach travel packages for pre-formed groups from NJ, NY, eastern PA and surrounding areas. Our packages are to
various destinations primarily around the eastern United States and Canada.
Sunset Tours travels to destinations throughout the eastern US and Canada
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Our office staff is a team of three individuals working together to assist group leaders in designing and customizing a high quality trip that will enrich their overall travel experience and create lasting memories.

Millie O'Brien is the Group Sales Manager of Sunset Tours and has been assisting customers since 1987. Originally from New York where she worked as a small business office supervisor, she moved to central New Jersey with her husband to raise their family. She joined Sunset Productions at its inception in 1975 where she was a sales person, bookkeeper, and office manager and also performed on stage. When the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse opened in 1981 she had numerous responsibilities before she started the tour office. She spends her free time with her six grandchildren that include two sets of twins. E-mail Millie >

Nitza Sheehan joined the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse family in 1991 and transferred from the theatrical side of the business to Sunset Tours almost 10 years ago. An appreciation for the beauty and love of travel, instilled by her father, has proved to be a valuable asset in assisting group leaders. Besides bookkeeping, Nitza enjoys the creativity of putting tours together as well as meeting and talking with many interesting and wonderful people. Her interests include: creating jewelry and 3-D art, foreign films and reading. E-mail Nitza >

Margaret Shostchuk, although new to Sunset Tours, is a veteran when communicating with people. Her many years working as a customer service representative enables her to recognize the needs of group leaders and assist them in planning trips. Margaret has traveled extensively over the years, as both her children competed for USA Gymnastics. Now she travels leisurely with her husband for pleasure. She spends some of her free time bowling, hiking and canoeing. E-mail Margaret >


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